Dogwood Acres

Home field of K9 Corps Agility,

We look forward to having you come and play in our “back yard”.

Dog Agility Competition Sanctioned by NADAC

K9 Corps Agility hosts dog agility trials sanctioned by NADAC, The North American Dog Agility Council, at our facility about 10 minutes northwest of the Fox River Mall in Appleton, WI. Consistent with NADAC’s philosophy, we believe Safety and Fun mean everything!  We use equipment that is specifically designed to keep your dog healthy and “playing the game” for as long as possible and the rules outlined by NADAC promote longevity and maintaining a good structure.  It’s not about how high your dog can jump 20 times in 40 seconds, it’s about how many years your dog can play the game with you.  Our events are focused on having fun with our dogs.  Some of our dog / handler teams perform at an extremely high level, some are just getting started in the game, most are somewhere in between.  No matter what happens on a course, we enjoy the ability to GET ON the course and see what our dogs can do.  It’s a party – you’re invited!


September Trial Information

This is where you will find everything you need to know about our September 2020 trial.


Read the digital club briefing for this event. PLEASE NOTE:
There will be NO morning briefing on site – everything you should know is posted below.

Digital Briefing

PLEASE do not come to the trial if you have been exposed to COVID-19 or if you do not feel well.

If you test positive for COVID-19 within 5 days post trial, please email Cheri & Jeff. This will allow us to notify trial participants of potential exposure.

Welcome to our home and thank you for supporting this trial weekend!  We couldn’t do this without your participation.  As we watch the joy you and your dog experience this weekend, every preparation will all have been well worth the effort!

2020 has marked the start of a new chapter here at Dogwood Acres in many ways.  When we purchased this property our vision was to create a place where our friends could come and play with their dogs in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.  We believe that you and the others participating this weekend will reflect that vision.  We hope you have a great time and if there is anything we can do to make the stay a more pleasant experience, please come to us.  We can’t fix anything if we have not been made aware that something needs attention.

Those who call Dogwood Acres their agility home have developed a culture of mutual respect for the people and dogs who play here.  If you are visiting, we sincerely hope you will support and encourage your fellow participants regardless of their abilities, need for improvement, training philosophies, or personal choices.  Have fun and be kind!


Porta Johns are located just behind the “Show Office” RV Trailer along the south end of the barn.  Hand Washing stations are provided.  Please wipe down the seat before you use it.  Please also block the door “open” when a unit is not in use so sunlight and fresh air may get in before the next use.

Blue Barrels on the property are for co-mingled recyclables (paper, aluminum, plastic, and glass.)

Black trash cans are for food and dog waste.  Please do not put trash in recycling – thank you!

We always appreciate help with course building, you are welcome in the ring to help build courses prior to the walk-through, but if you are not actively working we ask that you please remain outside the ring to avoid congestion in the ring area.

Ring workers (bar setters, scrimer, leash runner) must wear masks while performing their volunteer duties.  The active handler in the ring is the only one who is not required to wear a mask.

Because of the numerous health and cleanliness considerations now in place, we will not be providing any common food, snacks, or beverages throughout the weekend.  This is a difficult decision based on the way we have hosted trials previously – but at this time we have no other option.  Please bring your own – a list of restaurants who deliver is provided below.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Cheri and Jeff Riedl


Post-COVID 19 Arrangements

At this time there are no special orders in place for outdoor events in the State of Wisconsin or our County / Municipality other than requiring masks when social distancing is not possible.
Restaurants and Hotels are open, indoor public spaces are requiring facial covering by state directive, and the majority of businesses are offering some kind of curbside service.

Here at Dogwood Acres we are putting numerous special practices in place for this trial weekend.

  • Parking / crating spaces across from the ring will be marked off at 16 foot intervals, with two “lanes” at the ring entrances so anyone coming from behind the parking line may get to the rings in an appropriately “spaced” manner. This means we will have 14 parking / crating spots along that line running parallel to the ring fence. Additional spaces will be available across the south property line.
  • One-way lanes of travel will be marked in the grass between the crating and the ring. (Please “Keep right”).
  • When you arrive, you will be asked to IMMEDIATELY sign a waiver that NADAC has required for everyone on site, whether you are an active participant or a family member / spectator.
  • Participants will receive a bag with a pen (YOUR PEN – no “community” pens for writing results or timing / scribing), sample dog treats from the K9 Kitchen Bakery and a small personal bottle of hand sanitizer.
  • Hand washing stations with soap and water will be set up at the porta-potties.
  • THIS IS A NO-BINDER WEEKEND! Course maps will be posted on this website, as will the Results Catalog of each class. 
  • As all the scores are entered for a class, we will email your individual results to you.
  • Ribbons will be distributed at the end of each trial day by a volunteer who observes appropriate sanitation practices. Please come to the show office and pick up your ribbons if you are leaving early.
  • Walk-thrus will be limited to 10 people at a time.  While you are walking, you will be required by NADAC to wear a mask. You do not need to wear a mask during your run.
  • NADAC has adapted the rules so that you may carry your leash with you while running on the course or toss it toward the finish once you have been given the “Good Luck”.  It’s your choice whether you take advantage of the Personal Leash Runner rule or drop the leash for our volunteer.
  • Because of the numerous health concerns regarding food safety, we will NOT be providing ANY food or beverages on site. Please be sure to pack adequate water and snacks or meals for your visit! A list of delivery services / restaurants follows below.
  • Finally, the “community” cooling pools for dogs will not be set out. If you wish to bring your own, we will have a hose available that you can use to fill the pool, but it’s going to have to be one pool per household.

We thank you for your cooperation and welcome any suggestions or questions you may have

Like all other agility events this year, this trial is going to “feel” different, we still are confident that a safe and positive weekend can be had by all if we work together with a focus on being good to ourselves and good to each other!

Area Restaurants


Address: W6825 County Road O – Hortonville, WI

(If at all possible, please tell the driver to use the East Gravel Driveway, don’t deliver to the house, then also tell them which parking space you are in or describe your vehicle)

Grub Hub

  • Wendy’s

  • Perkins

  • a couple of local family diners

Eat Street

  • Most of the typical “Mall Chains” (Qdoba, Cold Stone, Charley’s Philly Steak)

  • Arby’s

  • Local Chain – Cinder’s Charcoal Grill 

Uber Eats

  • Starbuck’s and every coffee / juice / smoothie shop in the county!

  • Copper Rock Coffee & Sandwiches (Local – similar to Starbucks / Panera)

  • Sidelines – Local Pub & Grille

  • Fratello’s Waterfront Restaurant (Upscale)

  • Spats Food & Spirits – Long time Downtown Appleton favorite

  • El Azteca Mexican

  • Garden View (Family Diner)

Course Maps & Walk Through Info

Because some of our classes have more than 10 handlers, it’s necessary to split the Walk-Throughs to keep the ring from being too crowded. Please read below how we plan to manage the classes with larger entries.

You will be able to view the course maps for all levels of all classes as they are made available to be published.

Walk Through Splits


Elite Jumpers
– Walk 1: Dogs Jumping 16 & 12
– Walk 2: Dogs Jumping 8 & 4


Novice Gamblers
– Walk 1: Dogs Jumping 8 & 12
– Walk 2: Dogs Jumping 16 & 20

Elite Regular
– Walk 1: Dogs Jumping 4 & 8
– Walk 2: Dogs Jumping 12 & 16


Elite, Open, & Novice Tunnelers
– Walk 1: All 16 Inch Dogs
– Walk 2: All 12 Inch Dogs
– Walk 3: All 8 & 4 Inch Dogs

Friday Courses
Saturday Courses
Sunday Courses


Upon completion of scoring each class, we will email your personal results to you.  A designated volunteer will use proper hygiene protocol to distribute ribbons directly to you.

As time allows, we will post the scoring “Catalog” with all dogs’ scores on the website.  This may be a little slower depending on how many volunteers are working in the rings and how the day is moving along.


Training for agility competition and for life skills is primarily provided through the Rock Solid Dogs program.  If you are interested in training your canine team mate for the sport of dog agility, please click on the logo above – all the info is on the Rock Solid Dogs website!


Dog Agility in a relaxed and supportive environment with friendly people and exceptional dogs!


Learn about NADAC games, rules, and how to’s.

Here’s a look at our upcoming season:

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NADAC at Hortonville, WI  ( Outdoors on Grass )
Judging: Patti Cavin
Fri: 2 x Barrelers, Chances
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Sun: 2 x Regular, Hoopers, Gamblers
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NADAC at Hortonville, WI  ( Outdoors on Grass )