Dogwood Acres

Home field of K9 Corps Agility,

We look forward to having you come and play in our “back yard”.

Dog Agility Competition Sanctioned by NADAC

K9 Corps Agility hosts dog agility trials sanctioned by NADAC, The North American Dog Agility Council, at our facility about 10 minutes northwest of the Fox River Mall in Appleton, WI. Consistent with NADAC’s philosophy, we believe Safety and Fun mean everything!  We use equipment that is specifically designed to keep your dog healthy and “playing the game” for as long as possible and the rules outlined by NADAC promote longevity and maintaining a good structure.  It’s not about how high your dog can jump 20 times in 40 seconds, it’s about how many years your dog can play the game with you.  Our events are focused on having fun with our dogs.  Some of our dog / handler teams perform at an extremely high level, some are just getting started in the game, most are somewhere in between.  No matter what happens on a course, we enjoy the ability to GET ON the course and see what our dogs can do.  It’s a party – you’re invited!



Training for agility competition and for life skills is primarily provided through the Rock Solid Dogs program.  If you are interested in training your canine team mate for the sport of dog agility, please click on the logo above – all the info is on the Rock Solid Dogs website!


Dog Agility in a relaxed and supportive environment with friendly people and exceptional dogs!


Learn about NADAC games, rules, and how to’s.

Here’s a look at our upcoming season:

May 6 - 8, 2022NADAC
Karl Schulzki Judging
Dogwood Acres -
Hortonville, WI
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September 9 - 11, 2022NADACDogwood Acres - Hortonville, WI