The 2018 Agility Season at K9 Corps finished BIG in so many ways. Thanks to our judge, Scott Casino, for his tireless energy, friendly approach to judging, and challenging courses! Thanks to all who participated – this past weekend’s trial was the most well attended in the history of the club with over 800 runs and Saturday’s run count of 328 being the single largest day we have ever hosted! It wasn’t long ago that 328 run WEEKENDS were common here, but the great volunteers who stepped up to help with every possible piece of the puzzle kept the day moving smoothly. Cheri and I are so grateful for all you have done throughout the year!

We enjoyed the company of visitors from a-far. Linda Anderson from Roanoke, VA stopped “on the way home” from NADAC Championships with her Labs Zia, Lela, and Two, we had three families from Canada including members Lynda & Walter Vibert with the ever-popular Java & Crackers, “Can Do Karl” Schulzki and Michelle with their up and coming Shelties, and a new guest Donna Jankovic and her Aussie, Dallas, who is pictured with his ribbons from their first visit here – all coming from Thunder Bay, Ontario. In addition to many of our nearby teams from Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois, our other long-distance travelers were a pair of guests from East Aurora, NY, Colleen Henry and Carl Moody who brought their Havanese Maggie … an absolute delight to watch tearing around the courses on Sunday!

In addition to the eight NATCH awards earned at our Season Finale (For more, please see, there were many more “wins” in the rings over the course of our three-day event. Most notable would be a good friend of the club, Phil Wala and his outstanding team mate Skeeter who together earned TWO entries in to the NADAC Hall of Fame by completing both their Triple Superior Versatility Award and their Elite All Around Award – both are true indicators that this team has not only trained all the necessary skills to perform exceptionally well in EVERY class NADAC offers, but they also have the necessary consistency to earn the top awards at every level along the way. Great work you two, it’s an honor to have been part of your wonderful journey!

There were many other accomplishments to celebrate including Nicki Perrault and her “up-and-comer” MacKinley successfully completing their Intro Versatility Award by picking up their Intro Jumpers and Intro Weavers titles, Meg Schmeider celebrates Atari earning an Elite Touch N Go title along with some nice start line stays (and a whole lot of other in-ring fun) from Aedan, and a very heart warming pair of celebrations for a long time friend of the K9 Corps (one of our earliest participants who we have missed for far too long) Becky Koutnik and Stoli who completed his Novice Jumpers title and Open Weavers title at almost 14 yrs old and deaf … amazing what dog & handler teams can overcome! On the other end of the spectrum, it was an absolute joy to welcome a couple of new teams to the ring this weekend as well – Nicole Bearman brought both her “senior” PWD Breaker who showed his great joy for the sport along with her new team mate, another PWD named Tally, who is equally as fun loving, speedy, and promises to be a consistent fan-favorite in the months and years to come!

Thanks to all who made this trial and this entire season so much fun and filled us all with so many wonderful memories!