Encouragement, applause, laughter, and smiles were the “order of the day” all weekend at the K9 Corps Agility 2018 Season Opener at Dogwood Acres near Appleton, Wisconsin this past weekend.  There were some pretty remarkable runs among our Championship caliber teams, some impressive “first time out” weekends for our newbies, and despite the rain during the overnight hours, no cars or people suffered from the wet grounds along the driveway and outside the ring.

Congratulations to everyone who took home rosettes and in particular those who acquired New Title ribbons – you are well on your way with your teammate!  A special THANK YOU goes out to our judge of record for the weekend, Lorelei Purdy, for coming from Minnesota to set a professional and positive tone for all our runs.

Of particular note, we had the pleasure of awarding not one, but TWO NATCh ribbons this weekend, K9 Corps club member James Herring and Holly earned their NATCH-4 … a truly remarkable accomplishment for a team that has overcome so much along their agility journey … and once again, K9 Corps member Maureen Linhardt and Melbourne reached Versatility NATCH-6!  It’s only appropriate that the team who has most K9 Corps Agility NATCH ribbons in club history takes home the first “up-sized” Versatility NATCH ribbon!  Congratulations to both teams on achieving truly significant accomplishments!

This weekend was also a part of the first-ever NADAC Championships Regionals Circuit which meant that we could try out a couple of potential new classes which are being tested this year, a revival of “Gamblers” in a well thought out modified version and
“Team Relay” which generated more laughter, hootin’, hollerin’ and smiles than anything on this property ever has!  BOTH met with rave reviews from our participants, if you didn’t play … you missed an outrageously good time!

Several K9 Corps Agility teams also has a big reason to celebrate at the end of the day on Sunday, as they received a Bye in to the Finals at this year’s North American Dog Agility Championships at Gillette Wyoming because of their very accomplished runs on Saturday & Sunday:

In the Large-Standard Group, Jeff Riedl and ‘Rita took first place in Starter Stakes, Ann Curtiss and ZeeDee (current National Champions) took first in Regular.  In the Large-Veteran Group, Nicki Perrault and Sierra took first place, while Billie Rosen and Truk’n from Phoenix, AZ will be headed to Champs with a Bye for their runs in the Veteran/Standard Small Group and the Veteran Standard Medium Group bye was awarded to Marc Linhardt and Meihem.

The Regionals event was a very exciting addition to the weekend and we were honored to be a part of the circuit.  We thank Chris Nelson for coming to score and officiate that portion of the weekend and hope that we can be a part of future events of this nature!

The next NADAC trial at Dogwood Acres will be coming up June 15 – 17, with our judge from Phoenix, AZ … Craig Coonrad will be making his first visit to K9 Corps Agility.  We will be having another outstanding weekend with some special surprises being planned as this event will celebrate our 10th Anniversary of hosting NADAC agility trials.  The premium is currently available online, click here to download & print.  Remember to enter early and save on entry fees!