K9 Corps Agility’s final trial at Dogwood Acres saw another amazing group of milestones passed, new dogs joining the game, smiles, laughs, sun, rain, heat, and of course plenty of NADAC Agility Fun!  Thanks to all for coming out and supporting the event, the club, the site … and a particularly big thank you to all who helped make the event run smoothly.  We can’t do it without your time and talents!

Congratulations and a hearty round of celebration to all who hit significant milestones on their journey with their agility partners at this trial:

Shelly and Raena (our featured picture with their celebration cake) hit the 5,000 Lifetime Points mark.
Karen and Pearl completed Versatility NATCH 8
Jeff and ‘Rita completed Versatility NATCH 3
Leo and Doux completed All Around NATCH 2
Audri completed the first All Around NATCH with both Toto and Lily

Watching these teams run over the years has been an inspiration and it’s an honor for us to have them as a part of our regular group who trial here at Dogwood Acres.

You never know what dog and handler team will be next to get included on a list like the one above, one thing is certain. Each team gets to that point by way of many, many, smaller “wins” that may or may not be attached to ribbons. These steps on the journey are important and in the moment one can never know which of those wins is the ‘significant’ one to really start a team moving forward in a big way.  So to help us all celebrate each team’s wins, we are now setting out a book at every event that allows our participants to journal their success and we’ll put those up on the website for all to see. The “Little” Book of BIG WINS entries can be found here: https://k9corps.club/big-wins/. We hope you find this a great way to connect with your training buddies and fellow participants at K9 Corps Agility events!

Our next NADAC Agility trial opens on 9/30 … it’s limited entry and likely to “fill” so please get your forms in as soon as possible.  We don’t want you to be disappointed!  The K9 Corps Agility “Turkey Trot” will take place November 30 & December 1 at Bittersweet Farm in Pickett.  A lovely riding arena (VERY clean), insulated, and great food on site!  The premium is available now on the front page of https://K9corps.club.  We hope to see you for one last weekend of “Dancin’ with your Dog” in 2019!