K-9 Corps Trial Info

Hugs-scaledYour trial weekend should be a time to relax, enjoy the people and surroundings, and to play with your team mate.  Life has enough stress, why go somewhere on the weekend where you encounter more? Here at Dogwood Acres, our home trial site, K9 Corps Agility events are about Fun and Dogs, not so much about Ribbons and prestige. Don’t misinterpret that – we have some very good dogs who regularly participate here, like National Champion level dogs, but the people on the grounds have their heads on straight and we’re just here to support each other and see what our dogs can do.

Does this sound different from what you typically experience at a dog trial? If so, we think you will find the change REFRESHING!

We appreciate help with course building, bar setting, scoring, and such if you like to stay active throughout the day but the most important thing to us is that all participants (both human and canine) leave with a smile on their face.

We hope you give us a chance to extend exceptional hospitality to you some time soon!