A breakthrough weekend – that’s really the best way to summarize the August NADAC weekend here at Dogwood Acres. Breakthroughs all over the place, including a good number of new participants running on Friday evening … some really nice runs with very talented “Agility Neighbors” who are just coming to discover K9 Corps Agility and our facility just minutes outside of Appleton Wisconsin.

Welcome new friends – we hope to see you back here soon!

Breakthroughs for several of our “usual suspects” as well. Congratulations to all for a wide variety of wins with their dogs. Not every success or victory came with a ribbon attached … but all of them helped to build a better bond, better teamwork, and an awesome display of happy humans having FUN with their canine companions!

If you’re in to the numbers, click here to see the complete High in Trial report. Congratulations to our most consistent and exceptional teams for their outstanding performances!

Thanks to all who participated. We truly hope this was an enjoyable weekend for you. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions for anything we can do to make your next visit the best possible experience!