Barn Sale

Used agility equipment and related goodies!
All of this equipment will be available for pickup at our September 24 – 26 trial. If you are interested, please use the form below to send a message … everything is being sold on a first come / first served basis.

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Practice Teeter

$200 – This teeter’s action is perfect, it has an adjustable chain on the bottom to vary the height for training, and the plank surface has wonderful texture.

Condition: Excellent

Weave Poles

$100 for each SIX pole base with poles.  (Two sets available.)

Condition: Very Good

These pole bases are 24 inch spacing, these bases could use a coat of Rustoleum from being stored outside, but are solid condition and will hold up for many years to come! Solid color poles included.

(Comparable new bases would be over $150 for a set of 6.)

Dog Walk

Full size competition grade slatted Dog Walk with rubber pellet surface. The aluminum structure is in good shape, but the running surface should be re-done.

Condition: Fair

Original purchase price: $1750, asking $900.

Free Standing PVC Pipe Jump Wings

$50 per pair (Only 1 set)

Condition: Excellent

Only comparable wings I could find online were $110 per pair … new.

Contact Trainers

$20 for the pair

Condition: Excellent