Barn Sale

Used agility equipment and related goodies!
All of this equipment will be available for pickup at our September 24 – 26 trial. If you are interested, please use the form below to send a message … everything is being sold on a first come / first served basis.

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Practice Jumps

$30 per pair with Jump Bar (Only 1 pair still available)

Condition: Very Good

Adjustable Jump Cups make these free-standing jumps perfect for at-home practice.

Were $60 per pair new when Clean Run was selling these.

Lattice Wing Jump

$60 with jump bar (1 jump only!)

Condition: Very Good

Jump cups at all heights make this ideal for competition or classes in addition to back yard training.

Compare to new: $129

Free Standing PVC Pipe Jump Wings

$50 per pair (Only 1 set)

Condition: Excellent

Only comparable wings I could find online were $110 per pair … new.

Competition (Wingless) Jumps

$40 per jump with jump bar (6 jumps available)

Condition: Good

Full Jump Cup Strips for use in competition, class, or for at home training in the yard.

Purchase all 6 for $200!

Weave Poles

$100 for each SIX pole base with poles.  (Two sets available.)

Condition: Very Good

These pole bases are 24 inch spacing, these bases could use a coat of Rustoleum from being stored outside, but are solid condition and will hold up for many years to come! Solid color poles included.

(Comparable new bases would be over $150 for a set of 6.)

Practice Teeter

$200 – This teeter’s action is perfect, it has an adjustable chain on the bottom to vary the height for training, and the plank surface has wonderful texture.

Condition: Excellent

Competition Hoops

$25 each – Four available

Condition: Very Good

Some “Sun Fade” on the colored PVC, but otherwise these hoops are in perfect condition.  Each Hoop has rebar in the base to help it stay upright in higher winds and when knocked or tapped.

Contact Trainers

$20 for the pair

Condition: Excellent