After weeks of denying that they were considering that they were going to make a change to their Pet Policy, La Quinta has now posted their change to the corporate website – limiting pets to two per room.

Since they weren’t very interested in dialog with their customers while they were making the decision, perhaps now they would like to hear from you with feedback “after the fact”. At least now they can’t divert the conversation as they tried to in the past with something like ‘there has been no change to the policy’. Now they have admitted there is a change and they have opened themselves up to client REACTION. The phone number for feedback is 1 (800) 642-4241.

If you have a reservation for an upcoming weekend, you may wish to phone the location and see if they are planning on enforcing new rules on your stay, essentially “changing the deal” on you without notice or your consent.

Please also keep this in mind when you are making your arrangements for upcoming agility trials away from home.  Here in Appleton, you might want to consider the Red Roof Inn right next door.  We will also be talking with other properties in the area to see if they are willing to offer a better deal to the K9 Corps Agility participants.