Jean from Gladstone, MI was our winner from the drawing of all survey participants after last week’s Handler Training Intensive in Escanaba.  Thanks to all who participated in the weekend seminar and to those of you who took the time to respond to the survey … your feedback is so valuable and very much appreciated!

A gift card for additional training materials on either or will be sent out to Jean just as soon as we hear back where she would like to use her prize!

For all who came to the weekend seminar: I want you and your team mate to make the best possible use of the info I presented so PLEASE feel free to send questions my way.  If you didn’t jot down my e-mail address, you can use the Contact Form on the K9 Corps website to get in touch.

Remember: What you get in the ring is a direct result of what you train out of the ring!  (Fruits & Roots – like a tree.)