Debi Hutchinson Seminar

There are very few opportunities to train with an excellent trainer such as we are brining in this June.  Many in the agility world are accomplished for what they have done with their own dogs, but few are recognized for both what they do for their own dogs AND what their students have accomplished.  Debi Hutchinson, matriarch of Maryland-based PawZazz Agility is one of those rare few and we couldn’t be happier to offer you the opportunity to work with her!

Debi Hutchinson with her team mate Gabe and judge Roger Coor

Debi and her students have accomplished more “in the ring” than any other trainer than I have encountered in the U.S. and it’s a real thrill that she is willing to share the recipe for her “Secret Sauce” with you at a special weekend Seminar on June 24 & 25 at Dogwood Acres!

Debi’s training methods will bring you and your dog confidence and connection, immense help with timing of cues and body language, along with a greater insight in to how to “read a course” during the walk-through.


If you follow the information given in this weekend seminar and consistently train it in the following weeks, I am absolutely confident that you will run at a substantially higher level than you currently have achieved. The seminar structure is to provide two half-day sessions (about 4 hours each) for Intermediate & Advanced teams and two half-day sessions (again, about 4 hours) for Beginner and Novice teams.  There is a maximum of 10 working spaces per half day; both the morning and afternoon sessions are 1/2 full at this time.  Act now while working spaces are available!

The working space participation fee is $100 per half-day.  If you schedule for both half days (same dog) the fee will be only $175.  Payment will be expected within 5 days of registration.

Want to sign up?  Good – you should!

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