First Lesson 4-1-1

Cooper-ScaledAll training is by appointment – most of the most successful dog owners prefer get on a consistent schedule just because the routine tends to encourage a routine and saves everyone time “planning” from week to week. That said, stuff always comes up (both ways) and I always do my best to stay flexible and work around our guests schedules.

Everyone here is a guest at our home and we work with our friends to help them develop the best relationship with their dog. When we have events on the property, it’s social as much as anything – none of the high-pressure cut-throat or big attitude stuff. Been there, it’s not fun – won’t let it happen here.

As for logistics – each week you’ll need to bring your dog, a mat / towel / blanket or bed from home that they like to associate with as their “safe place”, and dogs must be on leash from the car to the building or ring. You also need to bring along a lot of small treats (the smellier the better). Particularly at the beginning we go treat-crazy … looking for excuses to reward good behaviors. Bil Jac liver treats are favorites for a lot of our guests, but they are a bit spendy and somewhat fatty… not a bad choice, but if you’re going to go that route I recommend (sounds crazy, but they really are VERY healthy) “Larry the Cable Guy” treats. They are available at Fleet Farm and the usual big box pet stores. Hot Dogs (chopped up), Gold Fish / Oyster crackers also work well for some dogs … even string cheese can be chunked up for the true native dogs from Wisconsin! 🙂

Sometimes dogs aren’t all that interested in treats, but get REALLY turned on by toys. We can make that work to your advantage as well. If your dog is attached to a ball, “Mr. Ribbets the Singing Frog”, or a fuzzy octopus … whatever, bring it along as a backup reward.

We are located 4 miles north of Greenville on County Road O (aka Mackville Road). Custom map / directions here: Training and Trial Site

You can choose a lesson time that works best for and reserve it here: Schedule your Training.

Finally, the finances. I’m very flexible on the money end as to how you would like to pay for lessons. Cash, check weekly or monthly are fine. You can also pay via Credit Card or PayPal here: