Here’s a look at the results after NADAC reviewed the runs submitted from our first two VT Tuesdays at K9 Corps Agility near Greenville, WI

Handler Date Course pkg Call name Dog# Class Video Score
 Nicki Perrault  04/24/2018  Solitude  Sierra  11-09088  Skilled- Elite Touch-N-Go-1  Q
 Nicki Perrault  04/24/2018  Solitude  Sierra  11-09088  Skilled- Elite Weavers-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  04/24/2018  Solitude  Rio  16-04140  Proficient-Standard Elite Touch-N-Go-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  04/24/2018  Solitude  Rio  16-04140  Proficient-Standard Novice Weavers-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  04/24/2018  Solitude  Roulette  16-04141  Proficient-Standard Open Touch-N-Go-1–XYIY  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  04/24/2018  Solitude  Roulette  16-04141  Proficient-Standard Novice Weavers-1  Q
 Jeff Riedl  04/24/2018  Solitude  Rita  16-05003  Skilled-Standard Elite Weavers-1  Q
 Meg Schmieder  04/24/2018  Solitude  Atari  16-05102  Skilled- Open Touch-N-Go-1  Q
 Julie McQuinn  04/24/2018  Solitude  Kaya  17-05093  Skilled-Standard Intro Touch-N-Go-1  Q
 Stacey May  04/24/2018  Solitude  Willow  18-04028  Skilled-Standard Intro Touch-N-Go-1  NQ
Handler Date Course pkg Call name Dog# Class Video Score
 Nicki Perrault  05/01/2018  Solitude  Sierra  11-09088  Skilled- Elite Regular-1  Q
 Nicki Perrault  05/01/2018  Solitude  Sierra  11-09088  Skilled- Elite Regular-2  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/01/2018  Solitude  Rio  16-04140  Skilled-Standard Novice Regular-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/01/2018  Solitude  Rio  16-04140  Skilled-Standard Novice Regular-2  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/01/2018  Solitude  Roulette  16-04141  Skilled-Standard Elite Regular-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/01/2018  Solitude  Roulette  16-04141  Skilled-Standard Elite Regular-2  Q
 Jeff Riedl  05/01/2018  Solitude  Rita  16-05003  Skilled-Standard Elite Regular-2  Q
 Mary Huntington  05/01/2018  Solitude  Kiki  16-05066  Skilled-Standard Open Regular-2  Q
 Julie McQuinn  05/01/2018  Solitude  Kaya  17-05093  Skilled-Standard Intro Regular-1  Q
 Pat Heidel  05/01/2018  Solitude  Cutter  17-07195  Skilled-Standard Intro Regular-2  Q
 Stacey May  05/01/2018  Solitude  Willow  18-04028  Skilled-Standard Intro Regular-1  Q

Congratulations to all for some really nice runs under rather unusual circumstances!

VT Tuesday is a great way to work with your dog in a near-trial environment, get your runs recorded for later review, and to submit potential qualifying runs to possibly be applied to your dog’s titles, awards, and lifetime point history.  It’s also a FANTASTIC opportunity to train if there’s a class or a skill that you really want to work on.  A full list of VT Tuesdays and the classes being offered is here:

You can sign up right from that page as well.  We hope to see you soon … this coming Tuesday we will be offering one round of Chances and one round of Hoopers!