Membership Benefits and Savings

It’s often said that “membership has its’ privileges” and that’s certainly true here at Dogwood Acres.  K9 Corps Agility members enjoy great savings on their activities along with some really nice perks that make everything they do as ‘hassle free’ as possible.  After all, you want to spend more time playing with your dog and less time on administrative “stuff”, right?

Here are the details on our various membership programs, please look them over and give them careful consideration.  We work hard to make these programs an excellent value, priced fairly and packed with benefits.  If you don’t see something that’s right for you and have an idea on how we can improve our membership packages, please pass that along … if you have a question, please ask … our Contact Us page is the best way to get a fast response!

Training Membership

You get unlimited access to valuable training videos and other training-related content, priority “early-bird” registration and discounted rates for special seminars and workshops (some FREE for “Training Members”), weekly training sessions every month (regardless of how many weeks are in the month), along with the ability to ask training questions and discuss training issues with other Training Members and staff at K9 Corps Agility.

Price: $60 / month


We would love to have you as our guest here at Dogwood Acres.  Here are a couple of quick links so you can enter our trials and VT Tuesdays:


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