We sort of stumbled in to a new theme for this weekend’s trial … with record low High Temperatures this weekend we ended up having a “Christmas in July” trial! When the cars were coming in and the EZ Ups were being put in place, we were still under 50 degrees. This is highly unusual for July. To think, we started early this weekend to “beat the heat”. It seems so strange, but it all came together to provide lots of fun & smiles.

Aptly, there were plenty of surprises as many of the participating teams really started working well and the Q rate really stepped up – providing a wealth of pleasant surprises. So many went home with lots of ribbons and memories of levels of success!

Congratulations to our High in Trial winners … Pat Beauchamp & Kip (Novice), Linda Lavolette & Sparky (Novice Vet), Colleen Flam & Jet (Open), Cheryl Carter with Majick (Elite), and Karen Pedersen with Swift (Elite Vet). All well deserved honors with each dog enjoying many beautiful runs!

Click here to see the full High in Trial report.

In keeping with the Christmas in July theme, we also had a visit from a Jolly Man, Pat Daggett brought us unique and truly fun courses to run and made us all smile at one time or another with his kind encouragement and general good cheer. The elves all worked hard to keep the weekend moving along nicely … thank you everyone for helping with your attention to the jobs which needed to be done!

And as a bonus – our Saturday participants were able to try out a couple of the EGC classes (Extreme Barrelers and Extreme Hoopers with the “Big Circle of Fun”). As it has happened in the past, all enjoyed the runs in these new games and it seems like we’re ready to start running these games “for real” in September.

Looking forward to seeing you soon for more good company, great fun, and delicious food! How about joining us in a couple of weeks when we do it again? Online Entries are now open for our August trial weekend!