Thanks to all who participated in our June NADAC trial at Dogwood Acres near Greenville, WI!  With participants from all across the country, it was a great “coming together” of outstanding dogs, novices working their way up, friendly handlers, and a rich exchange of encouragement and helpful information!  It was so rewarding to host a weekend with so much fun and where so many new connections were made.

Our friendly & positive judge, Scott Casino, presented fast & flowing courses that allowed our dogs to display some truly impressive speed and the handlers to work from eye-popping distances!  Andrea Entin came up from Ocala, FL to work with our seminar attendees – helping them build confidence and independence in their team mates (it’s likely that every one of the participating handlers was surprised at what their dogs could do “away from them”), and while she came from Phoenix to run her amazingly consistent Border Terriers, Billie Rosen also shared a wealth of helpful resources and tips for those of us who could benefit from her years of experience in the game.  And new dogs had even more fun than ever before while running on the new NADAC Intro Level courses, designed specifically to reduce the number of ‘tests’, these short courses help our new agility dogs’ confidence in the ring while having fun demonstrating the skills they have been learning!

Without a doubt this weekend was a huge winner in many, many ways.  Congratulations to Leo Fuerst and Benji on achieving their first NATCh with a flawless “Chances” run on Sunday morning.  Leo has taken two of his previous team mates to this level; Benji is the next “Lucky Dog” in his household to run with Leo and enjoy so much fun in agility rings around the midwest.

Many of our dog / handler teams had exceptional weekends at every level – congratulations to everyone on their successes both in the ring and out!  Click here to see the High in Trial report.

You really had to be here to truly appreciate what a special weekend this was.  We hope you’ll be with us for our July NADAC weekend (7/25 – 7/27), our first-ever NADAC in Escanaba weekend (8/2 & 8/3)  or the upcoming Third Thursday Touch N Go evening  (7/17),  entries for all these events are available at!