Our first mini-trial of the season was a HIT with all who came and played a couple of rounds of Tunnelers! Plenty of smiles and companionship was shared among a group of good friends with happy dogs on a cool and dry evening at Dogwood Acres.

Knightro & Heather earned their Open Tunnelers title, Ann with Zee Dee (fast & exciting) and Jody with Cirrus (smooth & efficient) both went “2 for 2” on a couple of fun & challenging courses. There were also many “wins” not directly connected to ribbons. Nicky with Sierra demonstrated some really inspiring distance handling, and Jerry with Tanner made HUGE strides both outside the ring with good social behavior around other dogs and a whole new level of connection and teamwork during Round 2!

The third Thursday of each month brings another NADAC-sanctioned mini-trial throughout the summer. We hope will join us for some really fun and challenging games in June!