Several of the K9 Corps Agility dogs hit the road this past weekend for the 4RK9’s event at Davenport, IA. It was a fun and challenging weekend for all, with moments of brilliance for every dog and some moments that showed us what we need to keep working on. Lots of laughs were had throughout the weekend, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere set by the trial committee and our judge, Lorelei Purdy … and plenty of wonderful courses from the folks at NADAC.

Congratulations to Leo Fuerst and Doux, who achieved Versatility NATCH 4 with yet another stealth-speed Tunnelers run on Sunday.

Dani and Keita picked up a couple of first place qualifying runs along with a good deal of valuable ‘ring time’ experience.

Nicki had the most fun of all of us – running with both Sierra and McKinley in almost everything. Sierra had four really nice runs on Sunday (including a sweet 2nd Place finish in Tunnelers) and a number of really nice runs that were ‘near misses’ from Q’s throughout the weekend. McKinley’s in-the-ring debut weekend included Q’s on both of her first two runs (Intro Barrelers), some typical ‘puppy runs’, and a smokin’ fast 7.67 YPS Intro Tunnelers run at the end of the weekend!

Finally, Jeff and ‘Rita celebrated her third birthday by picking up 11 Q’s out of their 14 runs including THREE new titles (Outstanding Open Barrelers, Outstanding Elite Jumpers, and Elite Weavers).

Congratulations also go out to our Minnesota friends Shelly Weeks & Raena along with Phil Wala and Skeeter who both had really impressive weekends with their dogs … we’re so proud to have you as friends & members of K9 Corps Agility!

Many of us are looking forward to ‘hitting the road’ for several more winter trials. If you would like to be a part of the fun, send an email to Jeff to learn more about what’s on the itinerary!