NADAC Agility returns to Dogwood Acres in Northeast Wisconsin May 5 – 7. Three FULL DAYS of runs starting Friday at Noon, Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM. If you haven’t made your way up to the home of K9 Corps Agility before, you really should give us a try! Ringside Parking and crating make this site a breeze to set up and enjoy the day, super-charged hospitality with lunch on site both Saturday & Sunday … and a Saturday night Pot Luck followed by social time around the camp fire. It’s outdoors on grass – overlooking a scenic valley of farm land.

Yes, it’s outdoors so weather sometimes plays in to the equation. We understand that can be a concern – which is why we absolutely GUARANTEE you will never lose entry fees due to weather. If any run gets scrubbed because of the weather, we’ll credit you for a future entry on a better day.

ALL NADAC classes are offered this weekend and we do offer Intro level runs. This is a double-run format event … so come on out and bust our ribbon budget!

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