K9 Corps Agility Congratulations are going out to one of our members from the U.P., Linda Lavolette, and her up and coming team-mate Twister. They made the trek from Rapid River, MI down here to Dogwood Acres (about 3 hours) this past Saturday to enjoy a little time in the ring running Jumpers in December! The team successfully completed the Novice “Grumpy” course to finish off all their Novice titles and awards:

  • Novice Superior Jumpers
  • Novice Triple Superior
  • Novice Superior Versatility
  • Novice Superior All Around

All these awards come as a result of Linda’s persistence including participation in NADAC agility both close to home (VT runs and trials hosted immediately in her area), far from home (running at trials as far as 5 – 6 hours away from home) and as a member of K9 Corps Agility.  Twister has come a long way over his years running in the ring and the two have a wonderful journey still ahead of them!

See the run that brought them to all these titles and awards here:


Linda & Twister – Novice Jumpers on Vimeo.

Please join us in Congratulating Linda and Twister on this wonderful success!