The NADAC Video Taped run concept was rolled out on 10/31/2011 with this announcement:

NADAC will post a new set of courses each week and people with NADAC registered and eligible dogs can run courses and submit videos to our YouTube Channel for review. A review costs $5.00 paid either via Paypal or via credit card. The review fee must be paid before the review. All titling options will be available.

Past qualifiying runs can be “switched” over to be combined with Video runs for Video titles, but no Video runs can be combined for “traditional” trial runs. Once runs are transferred over to “video” runs, they cannot be transferred back for non-video titles.

We know of the many “backyard champions” and also people in remote areas who would love to have more NADAC trials available to them! Now you can trial as much as you want, as long as you can set a course and have a video person available that can do a good job of video taping your run!

      Contacts must be clearly visible from the camera angle and the entire run must be videoed from start to finish.
      All NADAC rules apply.
      The dog must come to the start line with a leash on, they must run with no collar and they must leave the course area without tugging or getting any treats.
      The equipment must meet NADAC specs.
      The courses must be set within a reasonable standard of the original course diagram. Spacing must meet NADAC course design requirements.
      The minimum ring size is 80×100 for all classes with jumps.

So a virtual run could be as few as two people present. One to run the dog and one to video. If the video is not clear enough for a review, then it will declined and the review fee credited for a future video. All NADAC rules apply for age eligibility and soundness of the dog.

A second person must be willing to verify the identity of the dog if any questions arise.

We are very excited about our new Video Tape Agility program! All titles will show up on the dog’s record with a “VT (Video Taped)” indicator. The classes allowed at the time are all NADAC classes, plus Beginners Agility tests.

Click here to learn more about how you can videotape your runs at Dogwood Acres – K9 Corps Agility’s trial site!