NADAC Title Tracker

If you would like to track your points, titles, and awards on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device, you might find this Excel spreadsheet helpful:


Don’t have Microsoft Excel?  No problem!  There are plenty of free open-source software packages that will allow you to open and access this type of file.  For Desktops and Laptops running Windows, try OpenOffice … your Android or iPhone has apps available in their repositories … or you can upload this to Google Docs and it will be available for you there.


NADAC has four levels – Intro, Novice, Open, Elite.  Each “Level” has its’ own Tab at the bottom of the worksheet.

NADAC has three titles for each class at each level.  The basic title for each class requires 30 points, which means you fill the dates in next to each 10 points and when you complete the “White” section, you have your base title and can move up.  When you complete the “Gold” points section, you have your Outstanding title for that class/level.  When you complete your “Purple” points section, you have your Superior title for that class/level.

Sometimes you can earn other than 10 points.  That’s why the spreadsheet is double-spaced.  If you get a 5 point Q in Regular, you can just fill in something like “8/1/17 (5)” and offset your following dates until you get another 5 point Q.  If you are a distance handler and earn more than 10 points on a run, do the same thing [8/1/17 (15)] and ‘grey out’ the cells under your successful distance run so you keep the spacing right.

Do you have questions or suggestions on how to improve the spreadsheet?  Happy to hear from you – just send a message from the Contact page.

Good luck & have fun with your dog!