It’s in the books and officially gets recorded as a GREAT time! We hope every participant had as good of a time at the trial as we had while you were here. Thanks for coming … we hope to see you again very soon!

Thanks also to Jim Nally for setting the upbeat and friendly tone as he always does, and thanks also to the NADAC office for giving us the opportunity to be a Beta Test site for the back-to-back (second chance) format in the jumping classes this weekend. Your feedback is important to us and to the NADAC decision-makers, so please be sure to send an e-mail with your comments on the way things went this weekend!

Congratulations to our High in Trial Teams for the weekend! We saw some really nice progress between the dogs & handlers and some remarkable runs at every level of just about every class!

Here are the top teams from this past weekend:


Pts. Team
69.04 Herkie with Mary Jo Plamann
37.87 Melbourne with Maureen Linhardt
28.44 Ginny with Tonya Scribner


Pts. Team
33.50 Maggie with Holly Whetstone
26.71 Toto with Audri Tarr
13.08 Lily with Audri Tarr


Pts. Team
84.52 Annie with Bonnie Allen
83.26 Cody with Colleen Flam
42.28 Benji with Leo Fuerst