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The more you choose to answer, the more helpful this survey will be in making decisions about what we offer in the future and how the program works. More important than anything else is that you provide candid feedback.  If you choose to not answer a question because you think it will create an uncomfortable situation, then the issue you are not addressing can never be fixed.  All answers will be read with the intention of making this a better experience for you, your dog(s), and others in the future.

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How long have you been training for agility with your dog?
How satisfied are you with the progress you and your dog have made as a team?
What have you and / or your dog gained by training for agility?
What is the biggest challenge in your training or dog / owner relationship?
Have you participated in VT Tuesday in the past?
If weekly Video Runs were offered over the winter at an indoor facility, would you be likely to participate?  (No specifics available regarding when or where at this time - this is just to get an idea of whether there would be interest).
Regardless of the time of year, how often do you see your dogs participating in the VT program next year?
What do you like best about the VT program?  Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the VT program?
What is your level of interest in participating at live agility events hosted by K9 Corps Agility?
What do you enjoy most about K9 Corps Agility events?
What are the drawbacks (what do you enjoy least) when you participate at a K9 Corps Agility event?
How may we improve the live K9 Corps Agility event experience?

Thank you again for making the time to share your comments and opinions.