Another group of K9 Corps members hit the road for Round Lake, IL this past weekend and there was a whole lot of fun to be had while we were there!  In the ring success, out of the ring time enjoying each others’ company and hours of great ‘railbird’ watching of the runs in Stefan Elvstad’s ring.

Congratulations to two really accomplished teams who hit big milestones on their agility journey!  Nicki and Sierra scored a double-NATCH (NATCH 2 and V-NATCH 2) with their first regular run of the weekend; Audri and Lily also scored their V-NATCH 2 with one of their Weavers runs on Saturday!

Overall Nicki & Sierra had a really good weekend qualifying on 11 of 16 runs (They are well on their way to NATCH 3, V-NATCH 3!), and her “up-and-comer” MacKinley earned her first title (Hoopers) while gaining valuable in-ring experience.

In addition to Lily’s V-NATCH 2, Audri had a lot of success with Calypso, her “baby dog”, earning FIVE new titles and getting some nice distance on a few of her runs.  Senior member of Audri’s pack, 12-year-old beagle Cee-Cee, also had a great time on course and keeps on collecting the Q’s!

Phil Wala and Skeeter (pictured above) brought a good number of ribbons across the state line back to Minnesota.  After getting Skeeter back to normal (gotta keep the holiday pie away from that dog), they went 8 of 8 on Sunday and scored their Outstanding Elite Hoopers title!

A very unusual “win” was reported by Ann Curtiss, who always has great weekends with her partner ZeeDee.  This weekend was no exception, they ran like the national champions that they have been for the last couple of years.  Ann’s big win (as she put it) was being able to help a fellow exhibitor with a problem of getting a good start line stay.  She worked with the team for a while, then they went off and practiced on their own and the end result was a much better start line on their next run.  Ann found that as one of the most fulfilling moments of the weekend and why wouldn’t it be?  Good for you Ann and good for that new & upcoming team … we hope to see many more of those great starts to fun, fast, & clean runs in the years to come!

One of our members from U.P. North, LInda Lavolette, really had a good time with her three team mates – Twister showing us he’s “ready” for running at the Open level (Q’s on 6 of 8 runs Sunday) and that Public Displays of Jumping are totally acceptable by qualifying in both of their Jumpers runs on Saturday.  Carnie earned her Superior Novice Touch N Go title, and good ol’ Sparky had a blast running Geriatric Jumpers and a couple of qualifying runs in Hoopers!

Congratulations also go out to Cindy Mossing who had some really nice runs with both Merlin and Arthur and to Katrina Lessard who also enjoyed qualifying runs with both of her canine team mates!

James Affeldt and Mica wrapped up the year with the long-pursued Novice Touch N Go title, completing their Novice Versatility award and finished their day “tearin’ it up” with a couple of extremely speedy Hoopers runs (yeah, 6.63 YPS is good stuff).  That brings the team to 14 NADAC titles for the year.  Welcome to NADAC James and Mica … we’re really happy you had such a good first full season!

Jeff and ‘Rita crossed another milestone surpassing 2,500 lifetime points as a result of their runs on Saturday, this after also being notified by NADAC that they have completed their Elite Versatility Award.  Wow this little girl who just turned 3 years old sure is tearin’ it up!

Congrats to all – we hope to spend more time with you on the road prior to our 2018 season.  Next up: Several of us are heading to New Year’s Eve weekend at Quad City Dog Center in Davenport, IA!