The K9 Corps Agility 2016 Season Opener is in the books and by all standards this weekend was a huge success! Dozens of happy humans and their canine team mates converged upon Dogwood Acres for 2 1/2 days of NADAC Agility fun under the supervision of judge Doug Ricks from Maple Valley, Washington. So many smiles, laughter, and friendships renewed after a long winter off, new friends bringing their dogs here for the first time, a smokin’ hot match of Lawn Yahtzee on Saturday after the runs completed (thanks for bringing that along Audri), and of course – lots of tasty food. Thanks to everyone who brought delicious offerings to the Saturday night pot luck!

Congratulations are due to all the New Title recipients, to Karen Magee with Pearl on their third NATCH, to Leo Fuerst with Doux on their first NATCH, and our High in Trial winners:

Intro:Tanner T. with Jerry Burns60 points
Intro JH:Cooper with Morgan DiPietro20 points
Intro Vet:Niko with Jeanine Montag100 points
Novice:Trin with Amy Hanneman110 points
Novice Vet:Cee Cee with Audri Tarr80 points
Open:Rhys with Marnie Hammerle110 points
Open Vet:Kelty with Pat Roth30 points
Elite:ZeeDee with Ann Curtiss140 points
Elite Vet:Melbourne with Maureen Linhardt120 points

We are now preparing for our first-ever three full day trial, The Big One, coming up June 24 – 26 with Pat Daggett from Parsippany, NJ as our judge. Online Entries are now being accepted at We hope you’ll join us for even MORE NADAC fun!