In the words of the great social observers of the 1980’s, Expose, Seasons Change and things are a little different at Dogwood Acres after Mother Nature’s “special deliveries” over the past two nights. The good news is that there’s a whole lot more running room in the barn this winter after a substantial “cleanup” of stuff that was being stored in there … and we have done more to prepare for cold weather so hopefully that will help take off a bit of the winter chill.

Training HAS moved in to the barn for the winter (sad face for many of us) and parking has moved to the driveway in front of the house. Please walk around the right side of the house to the training building in the back … we’ll do our best to keep a path cleared all winter.

A couple of reminders / notices (for those who are new) regarding winter training. First, January through March is the time of the year when CHAMPIONS train. The fair weather folks who come and go will always get what they get from their dogs, but those who train through the winter end up coming in to the ring in spring with consistently better performance from their dogs … so congratulations on making that decision! Second, if the Wind Chill drops below 0, we will cancel to protect your dog and us from any health impacts due to the cold. Please be sure to check your email Inbox before coming out to Dogwood Acres and make sure there isn’t a Weather Cancellation notice.

Any questions? Contact Us here.

See you soon!