The NADAC Hoopers classes are getting a bit of a makeover, so we thought you should get a quick “heads up” prior to the K9 Corps Agility Season Operner coming up May 5 – 7.

The Numbered Hoopers class remains as you have seen it in the past.  A numbered course made up strictly of hoops and no other equipment … here at K-9 Corps Agility we used to just call this class “Hoopers”, now we’re specifically calling it “Numbered Hoopers” to stay consistent with the NADAC verbage.

What was formerly known as “Exreme Hoopers” is going to look slightly different as the gates will be removed from the course.  The same basic configuration of hoops will remain in place (imagine the four hoops in an ‘X’ pattern and the two hoops out on the wings from “Extreme Hoopers” – those hoops will still be at the heart of the course), but there will be no gates on the field and you can go anywhere on the course to guide your dog – just like any other class.

There is, however, an opportunity to score a 15 point Q rather than a 10 point Q.  There will be a line denoted on the field which is OPTIONAL.  If the handler stays behind the line and still directs the dog “in flow” through the course, your 10 point Qualifying run will be awarded +5, giving you 15 points on your dog’s lifetime record.  NADAC is now calling this version of the Hoopers class “Hoopers”, so that’s what we will do as well!


If you check your points at the NADAC website, you will see that all Hoopers points have been combined.  Now all your points from Strategy, Extreme, Numbered, and the new “Just plain Hoopers” classes are accumulated toward the same Hoopers class titles.


Here’s a link to the latest video explaining the Hoopers class which replaces “Extreme Hoopers”: