The wild and windy night (before our last trial) that the rain washed away our drive to the crating and parking area … HAS BEEN REJUVENATED!  So unlike Paul McCartney, we have no pool of tears at Dogwood Acres … just a nice level gravel path that leads to Agility FUN at our K9 Corps Agility events!

Because of a very generous donation from Billie Rosen, we were able to bring in two more truckloads of gravel to complete the project and after 3 hours on a skid-steer today, it’s nice and level … suitable for motor coaches, 5th wheels, and KIA’s alike … all in time for our next VT Tuesday.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE when you are entering or leaving the property we would GREATLY appreciate you keeping your vehicle ON THE GRAVEL.  We need several months of traffic to pack the gravel down in to place so it’s a solid and stable driving surface for all.  Venturing off in to the grass or even worse, in to our neighbor’s farm field (destroying part of their crop) is not helpful.  Don’t make me come out there!  :0)

As you are approaching the drive, please look for outbound traffic – they have nowhere to go, you can stop on County O until they get out.  Outbound traffic has the right-of-way.  Thanks for your cooperation with this!

Thanks to everyone who “made it work” at our last trial while the driveway was a washout and a mud pit.  Your patience and can-do spirit really helped make the trial weekend a lot easier for all!  Thankfully, you now have a much improved entrance to our “back yard”.

See you soon!