Closed Container Trials

All NADAC Sanctioned events at Dogwood Acres are Closed Container Trials.

Muncher-scaledNADAC allows exhibitors to carry concealed treats or small, non-audible toys during their runs as long as the treats or toy are enclosed in sealed containers such as zip-lock bags or prescription drug bottles. The goal of containerization is to limit the practice of open food and toys being left accessible and attractive to dogs and pests such as yellow jackets as well as to discourage people and dogs from racing from the ring to their treats/toys left either outside the ring or in the crating area. The container must be carried in either a pants or jacket pocket and must be non-obvious to any observers. The handler may not indicate the presence of the container to the dog during the run, and the treats/toy may not be used within 10 feet of the ring.

A containerized trial is a trial in which no food may be left in the open outside some container anywhere on the trial grounds whether it be outside the ring or in the crating area. Likewise toys must be out of sight when not being used. They may not be left on the ground, on chairs, on tables, on tops of crates or anywhere else that is accessible to dogs, The trial hosting club decides and announces if a trial will be containerized or not. However, at any trial, even if it is not officially containerized, an exhibitor may carry a container containing either treats or a toy hidden in a pocket.

Note: toys that squeak or make any audible sound and clickers may not be used at trials. For audible toys, this restriction includes not only the ring and crating areas, but also in vehicles where they can be heard by other dogs.

We typically provide small ‘snack size’ closed container bags on the same table as the ribbons, should you forget a bag when packing for the trial.