Video Tape Runs

K9 Corps Agility is proud to the home of NADAC’s first two qualifying runs in their VT program.  Corrie Riedl with her beagle, Nacho, and Jeff Riedl with his Pointer-Beagle mix, Muncher, submitted their runs within an hour of the program announcement back in November of 2011.  Now it’s YOUR TURN!

Since those first two runs, Dogwood Acres has been home to hundreds of VT qualifying runs and “VT Tuesdays” continue to be one of the most popular offerings in the K9 Corps Agility season.  It’s a group of friends who get together to see what we can do with our dogs.  Coming to our VT Tuesday events gives you and your dog a chance to experience a “micro-trial” environment with about 20 dogs in the crating area, cheering for just about every run, one dog at a time in the ring off-leash, course workers and a leash runner … the only you won’t see is a judge in the ring.

Per the NADAC Exhibitors’ Handbook, all “live” trial rules apply and runs submitted must be the FIRST ATTEMPT of a course.  You may train in the ring and make additional attempts at a course, but those training or extra runs cannot be submitted for review as a possible Qualifying Run.  It’s important to note that you cannot submit VT runs within 5 days before or after a live trial, which is why we take some weeks “off” throughout the season.

Entry fees for “VT Tuesday” is $10 per dog per night.  If you have any qualifying runs, we will ask that you also pay NADAC’s submission fee of $10 per run. Every week we offer two runs at all levels and we rotate through all available classes.  We will record & submit your qualifying runs to NADAC so you don’t have to mess with the technology.

Reserve your spot for any / all sessions!

Here’s a Look at the 2018 Season:

DateStart TimeClasses Offered
April 176:00 pmRegular (2 rounds)
April 246:00 pmTouch N Go & Weavers
May 156:30 pmChances & Hoopers
May 226:30 pmJumpers & Tunnelers
May 296:30 pmBarrelers (2 rounds)
June 56:30 pmRegular (2 rounds)
June 266:30 pmTouch N Go & Weavers
July 36:30 pmChances & Hoopers
July 246:30 pmJumpers & Tunnelers
August 216:30 pmBarrelers (2 rounds)
August 286:30 pmRegular (2 rounds)
September 46:00 pmTouch N Go & Weavers
September 116:00 pmChances & Hoopers
September 186:00 pmJumpers & Tunnelers
September 256:00 pmBarrelers (2 Rounds)