Congratulations to all who had qualifying Chances and Hoopers runs this past Tuesday!  The results from NADAC are listed below.

Please remember to sign up for the upcoming VT Tuesday events (May 22 – Jumpers & Tunnelers, May 29 – 2 rounds of Barrelers).  Jumpers & Tunnelers night is always a very popular evening to bring a friend … the Intro and Novice courses are great for newer teams and they ‘feel familiar’ to handlers who have experience in other venues.  (Nudge, nudge – bring a friend, bring a friend.)

And the BIG reminder, we have a weekend trial on the way … the sooner you sign up the more you save on Entry Fees!  June 15th – 17th we will have a very FUN and positive judge, Craig Coonrad from Phoenix, AZ.  Please come and help us celebrate 10 great years of hosting NADAC Agility trials.  (Not sure, but I think the official gift for a 10th anniversary is your presence.)  Click here for the premium!

Here are last Tuesday night’s qualifiers:

Handler Date Course pkg Call name Dog# Class Video Score
 Jane Zwickey  05/15/2018  Keen  Echo  15-05095  Skilled-Standard Intro Chances-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/15/2018  Keen  Rio  16-04140  Skilled-Standard Novice Chances-1  Q
 James Affeldt  05/15/2018  Keen  Mica  16-04199  Skilled-Standard Open Chances-1  Q
 Jeff Riedl  05/15/2018  Keen  Rita  16-05003  Skilled-Standard Elite Chances-1  Q
 Mary Huntington  05/15/2018  Keen  Kiki  16-05066  Skilled-Standard Open Chances-1  Q
 Danielle Keel-Raasch  05/15/2018  Keen  Keita  16-05132  Skilled-Standard Intro Chances-1  Q
 Julie McQuinn  05/15/2018  Keen  Kaya  17-05093  Skilled-Standard Intro Chances-1  Q


Handler Date Course pkg Call name Dog# Class Video Score
 Nicki Perrault  05/15/2018  Amos  Sierra  11-09088  Skilled- Elite Hoopers-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/15/2018  Amos  Rio  16-04140  Skilled-Standard Open Hoopers-1  Q
 Sarah Blodgett  05/15/2018  Amos  Roulette  16-04141  Skilled-Standard Elite Hoopers-1  Q
 James Affeldt  05/15/2018  Amos  Mica  16-04199  Skilled-Standard Elite Hoopers-1  Q
 Julie McQuinn  05/15/2018  Amos  Kaya  17-05093  Skilled-Standard Intro Hoopers-1  Q
 Sarah Lathrop  05/15/2018  Amos  Pabst  17-05108  Skilled-Standard Intro Hoopers-1  NQ