Our first two weekends at Dogwood Acres are ‘in the books’ and what a great time they were!  Local participants from throughout the state of Wisconsin came to our ‘Field of Dreams’ just 4 miles north of Greenville, and visitors from farther away (Tennessee, Illinois, and Minnesota specifically) to meet new friends and show us what their dogs could do.

Congratulations to Sarah VanDerLip and Sundae on earning their NATCh at the first trial.  Your teamwork showed us all WHY you are now members of this very special group of NADAC dogs & handlers.  Well deserved!

Congrats also go out to Laurie Shuttey and Pixie who tore up the courses at our second weekend.  Laurie and Pixie have only been playing NADAC this year, and only at K9 Corps trials – but this weekend they earned their Novice Weavers, Novice Regular, and Novice Tunnelers titles.  How many teams do you know that earn their Novice Weavers FIRST?  Congrats on getting off to a great start Laurie!

Finally, a tremendous team that quietly went about their business with very nice consistent runs and took home the bulk of our ribbon budget … Thanks for showing us what a smooth team looks like Linda Heaton and Breeze!  We didn’t make much noise about their successes throughout the weekend, but then again we didn’t see that they earned 10 Q’s out of a possible 14 runs until we sent in the final Q report.  Pretty impressive stuff Linda – you have a great relationship with that dog of yours!

As a judge I always try to remind the competitors that not every “win” comes with a ribbon attached to it.  I’m the perfect example of that this month as my 12-year-old Beagle / Pointer mix “Muncher” successfully completed his first course IN FLOW with me behind the Bonus Line.  Who says old dogs / new tricks don’t match up?  It was an incredible rush and you can be sure we’ll be trying it again!  Too bad we were .85 over time – but that hardly mattered at all.  We did the course!

Anything cool happen for you and your dog?  Please tell us about it with an e-mail or a Facebook Post!  Maybe we’ll open up a ‘Brag Board’ here on the real website if we get some cool stories!